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Ways to Make Home Improvements Easy in Washington State

Ways to Make Home Improvements Easy in Washington State

renovated home deck in washington stateHome renovations are big projects that take plenty of consideration and planning. Most people don’t think of them as easy. But modern tools and technologies used by some contractors that help make the entire process nearly stress-free.

In addition to the new technologies available, there are steps you can take as a homeowner to help make your home improvement easy here in Washington State.


One of the biggest headaches of many home improvement projects is in keeping up with the schedule of work, and what is actually getting done. Working with contractors on small details and having people come in and out of your home can be downright stressful.

BuilderTrend is an online construction management system that allows the homeowner and contractors to connect on all the important details over one shared platform. It was designed to map out project schedules, management concerns, and the daily happenings onsite. As a homeowner, you will never be ‘out of the loop’ again when using BuilderTrend. You can access updated pictures, and see an overview of exactly where the project is on any given day. 

You can also reach out to your team at any time, with any questions or concerns. BuilderTrend makes home improvements easy because you can find everything in one place. Even if you’ve been busy with your own life all week, you can easily check the status of progress in a couple of minutes. 

One Click Contractor

Another major stressor during home improvement projects is keeping finances and paperwork straight. Knowing where you stand financially during a project and with a contracting company is crucial to continuing work. Stressing about invoices and costs can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

That’s where One Click Contractor comes in. It’s an online platform designed to make one of the biggest stressors of home renovation easier, on both the contractors and the homeowners. One Click Contractor was designed to gather all of the important documents into one, easily accessible place. There, you can find digital estimates, invoices, and all other paperwork for easy reference. 

Not only is it good to always know what’s going on, being able to pull up important paperwork like this at a moment’s notice is incredibly convenient. If you’re looking to start an easy home improvement project in Washington State, look for contractors who utilize both of these time-saving and convenient websites. 

Small dog in a room being renovated

Other Ways To Make Home Renovations Easy

Using BuilderTrend and One Click Contractor can eliminate many of the stressors that come from home improvement projects. However, there are a lot more ways you can make renovations simpler for yourself and your family. 

Store Project Materials Offsite

Consider is storing your furniture or valuables offsite. Covering furniture with tarp or plastic can minimize potential damage, but accidents are inevitable. The best way to guarantee that your belongings stay in perfect condition during a renovation is by moving them elsewhere. You should especially consider this if you’re taking on a larger project like a full kitchen remodel. If it’s a smaller project, you could consider moving things to another room or basement during construction time. Having an unobstructed workspace is a clear way to enjoy an easier home improvement experience.

Get Out Of The House

home improvement suppliesWhen construction is taking place, your house can look unrecognizably messy. It can stress most people out, so the best solution is often to just leave and let the professionals do their jobs. What looks like a mess to you, is something that contracting teams deal with on a daily basis. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the sight of it all, getting out of the house will bring you some much-needed peace of mind during a big life change. 

Stay Flexible

There are many ways to make home renovations easy, but there are still aspects of it that may overwhelm you. Home improvement projects often involve time-consuming planning and tough decisions, and you may second guess yourself often. The most important thing to do is take deep breaths and plan things out well. Make sure you have solid plans and decisions in place before beginning construction. Start by consulting with an expert contractor in your area.

Of all the many ways to make home improvements easy, the best advice is to stay flexible. No matter how well you plan, unexpected things are bound to happen, and your schedule may not line up as perfectly as you hoped. As long as you trust the contractors and utilize the online platforms they offer, you’ll be a big step closer to having the home of your dreams.