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As a family first home exteriors company, it’s our highest priority to help you find the best roofing resources and keep your home in the family as long as possible. Taking good care of your home is a full-time job and the quality of your roof can save you tons of money and stress over time. Most importantly, a high quality roofing installation will allow you to focus more of your time on taking care of your family instead of worrying about the roof over your head. 

As Pacific Northwest homeowners, we constantly deal with extended rainfalls and temperature drops which can pose a problem to our homes if we choose the wrong products. We are here to make that process easy for you. It’s that simple.

There's a Solution to every problem

It’s very easy to forget about your roof when you have a million things to do on your schedule so we’re going to share a few problems you may generally face when trying to maintain your roof integrity and how we can help you fix it. Click the arrows below for an answer!

Our moss and algae resistant roofing options will keep your home looking beautiful and prevent water build up which can save you from a leaking roof over time.

Roofing installation is largely dependent on the quality of work and how the roof is installed. Some contractors may try to cut corners and will save you money now but cost you a-lot more in the future. We are here to get the job done right the first time even if it takes a little longer to get the job done.

As homeowners in the Pacific Northwest, rainy & cold weather is no surprise which is why it’s very important to choose the best roofing materials that provide long lasting protection in our region.

If your roof is installed by an unlicensed contractor, you will take on a-lot of risk and can be liable if things go wrong. It can also cost you a ton of money down the road and most importantly, put your family in danger. As a licensed roofing contractor with the state, we make sure your new roof is built to protect.

Sometimes strong winds and unforeseen weather conditions may cause heavy tree branches to fall on your home. With high quality roofing materials, the damage to your home will be minimized and prevent you from spending money on roof repairs a-lot sooner than you’d like.

Your roof can only be repaired so many times. If you think your roof is beyond repair or you simply need an inspection, contact us and we will send someone out to give you a free estimate. A new roof will increase the value of your home and save you the headache of having to constantly worry about the safety of your family.

These are just a few of the common roofing problems homeowners have to deal with and Every SINGLE one of these can be prevented (unless the Pacific Northwest is hit by a category 5 hurricane) by simply choosing high quality products and a licensed contracting company to properly install your roof.

"We had a great experience with Evergreen Home Exteriors! We love driving up to our home everyday and admiring our beautiful leakfree roof!"

Katie Reynolds

Our 4 step roofing process


Roofing Installation Made Easy

We make the process simple to save you time and energy. Finding the right contractors can be difficult so we make it easy from the moment we speak to you on the phone, to the final project finish date. Whether you need a composite shingle, wood shingle, metal or a wood shake roof, our team of contractors are here to create a stress free environment and install your roof in a timely manner.

Step 1: Free In-Home Visit

We are simply here to answer any questions you have about your roof. Give us a call and we can send our roofing expert to your home as soon as tomorrow.

Step 2: Free Estimate

Our Roofing specialists will help you find what you need, answer any questions you may have and give you a free quote with a price guarantee for 90 days during your free home visit.

Step 3: Clear Communication

Honesty is something we pride ourselves on. Everything discussed during the signing process will be very clear and easy to understand. No weird wording or hidden contract fees. Our easy-to-sign process will put you at ease.

Step 4: Project Clarity

Communication during the roofing installation process is key. We send you photos and update you on the project every step of the way with our new “Happy Customer” software. Ask us about it!

Key Roofing Benefits

The reasons why Evergreen Home Exteriors is right for you!

  • Maintain the safety and structural integrity of your home.
  • High quality weather-resistant materials to protect your home in the Pacific Northwest.
  • We recycle ALL old/damaged materials to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Licensed, bonded, insured and trusted in-house contractors get the job done legally and professionally.
  • 20-50 year lifespan based on selected roofing products.
  • Gaf ® Roofing Certified. We install some of the highest quality roofs in the country backed by the industry’s leading warranty.
  • We treat our customers like family.

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