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Your roof is the most essential part of your home – keeping you and your family safe from outside elements.  It is also the most vulnerable part of your home so maintaining it is vital to it’s value and integrity. If you delay in fixing roofing issues for too long, these issues will lead to more costly overhauls down the road as damages become more and more pronounced over time.   Roofing damage and deterioration happens no matter the type of roof you have or how well it’s been maintained.  So, how do you know when you need a roofing professional to assess your roof?  It’s time to call Evergreen Home Exteriors if your roof is exhibiting cracked caulk or rusted flashing, curling, buckling or blistering shingles, missing or broken shingles, moss and/or lichen, leaks or discoloration of interior walls, or little to no granules on asphalt shingles.

At Evergreen Home Exteriors, we are proud to provide the most professional roof installation services in the Olympia area. Whether you are building your dream home or remodeling a recently purchased home, our roofing experts provide the guidance needed in securing the safety and structural integrity of your home.  We are dedicated to making sure our customers are not only satisfied with the look of their new roof but that their home is safe from damaging weather for many years to come. 

Key Benefits of this Service

  • Maintain the safety and structural integrity of your home
  • Weather resistant materials
  • We recycle all old/damaged materials
  • Composite shingle roof - 15 to 50 year lifespan
  • Wood shingle roof - 25 year lifespan
  • Standing seam metal roof - 30 to 50 year lifespan
  • Wood shake shingle roof - 35 - 40 year lifespan
With Evergreen Home Exteriors by your side, trust that your home is in the right hands. We care about you and your
home – working to keep you and your family safe and dry. If you need a full roof replacement/installation, know that
we will guide you through every step in the process. We are also dedicated to ensuring the proper removal of waste
to reduce the impact on the environment. Most roofing materials can take up to 400 years to breakdown in the
landfill, but at Evergreen we take your roofing materials to certified recycling centers to be re-used in the future. The
safety and soundness of your home is important to us as well as keeping our material footprint as minimal as
Installation Procedure
  • Remove all current material down to the sheeting.
  • Inspect sheeting for any rot or moisture damage.
  • Remove and replace any damaged sheeting. 
  • Inspect roof to wall and replace any rotten wood. 
  • Once surface is clean and free of damage install synthetic, breathable moisture barrier over entire roof.
  • Then install roofing material the customer has chosen. 
  • Install edge metal gutter flashing
  • Counter flashing on chimneys
  • Flash all sky lights 
  • Install metal gable flashing as needed
  • Starter shingles at all edges to prevent “curling”
  • Silicone 50 year boots on all piping
  • Remove all debris and dispose of properly
  • Magnetic sweep of area to remove nails
  • Filing of all warranty paperwork. 
  • Installation described is a 50 year warranty roof. 


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