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As a homeowner, there are two major things we all want in our place of solitude: a home that lasts and a home we can be proud of. When searching for windows, it’s important to carefully select custom products that suit the style of your home. But who says you have to sacrifice quality for appeal? You deserve both.  

Our windows by Simonton ™ are a great choice for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. From double hung windows to bay windows, we offer a variety of weather resistant and energy-efficient vinyl windows that are built to protect you from harsh weather and save you money on your power bill!

We are here to make the window shopping process easy and provide you with the best windows money can buy. It’s that simple.

We have solutions to your problems

It’s very easy to forget about your windows until you feel that cold draft come in during the winter time. Here are a few problems you may generally face with your windows and how we can help you fix them. Click the arrows below for an answer!

A cold draft entering your home may be a sign of poor insulation and broken or rotting windows seals. It may also increase your heating and cooling bills. We will come to your home and give you a free inspection to make sure your windows are in good shape.

The constant rainfall and fluctuations in temperature may cause improperly installed windows to crack or even rot your window frames if they are made from wood. Our high quality vinyl window alternative will last longer and protect against the bi-polar weather conditions.

Break-ins can occur more easily if your windows are not build to protect from forced entry. The quality of windows can better protect you from both human and natural contact and keep your family safe.

If your windows are installed by an unlicensed contractor, you will take on a-lot of risk and can be liable if things go wrong. It can also cost you a ton of money down the road and potentially harm the value of your home. Unfortunately, some people try to cut corners. As a licensed siding contractor with the state, we are held 100% accountable for the siding installation and our highest priority to to make sure the job is done correctly.

Windows may be damaged due to rotting if you currently have wood windows installed onto your home. Over time, the moisture from the weather will begin to set into the wood which ultimately builds mold and can expose your family to health problems. Our Vinyl windows are energy efficient, durable and require significantly less maintenance.

These are just a few of the common window problems homeowners have to deal with. Carefully selecting high quality window products and a licensed contracting company to properly install the siding of your home will save you a ton of money.

"They were on time. They explained everything about my windows, they were very professional at all times . They did a great job I would hire them again!"

Terrie H. ( Home Advisor)

Our 4 step siding process

Home Siding

Window Installation Made Easy

We make the process simple to save you time and energy. Finding the right contractors can be difficult so we make it easy from the moment we speak to you on the phone, to the final project finish date. The energy-efficient vinyl products that we install are built for durability, long term performance, and will help increase the curb side appeal of your home.

Step 1: Free In-Home Visit

We are simply here to answer any questions you have about your windows. Give us a call and we can send our windows expert to your home as soon as tomorrow for a window inspection.

Step 2: Free Estimate

Our window specialists will help you find what you need, answer any questions you may have and give you a free quote with a price guarantee for 90 days during your free home visit.

Step 3: Clear Communication

Honesty is something we pride ourselves on. Everything discussed during the signing process will be very clear and easy to understand. No weird wording or hidden contract fees. Our easy-to-sign process will put you at ease.

Step 4: Project Clarity

Communication during the window installation process is key. We send you photos and update you on the project every step of the way with our new “Happy Customer” software. Ask us about it!

Key Windows Benefits

The reasons why Evergreen Home Exteriors is right for you!

  • Double lifetime warranty.
  • High quality weather-resistant windows to help lower your power bill.
  • Noise reduction to keep your home peaceful and quiet.
  • UV-Protection to prevent damage to your interior furniture.
  • Licensed, bonded, insured and trusted in-house contractors get the job done legally and professionally.
  • Premiere Nail Fin Install
  • Rebate Programs.
  • We treat our customers like family.

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