Hire a Building Contractor Before You Invest in a DIY Deck Project!

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Hire a Building Contractor Before You Invest in a DIY Deck Project!

Some home projects are more readily DIY than others, but many homeowners think they can renovate and remodel everything to save money and time. That’s not always the case. While some home projects are better for DIY, projects like building a deck would be better left to professionals. We at Evergreen Home Exteriors in Kitsap County are experts in building decks and other renovation projects around your home. Windows? Vinyl siding? Check and check – we can do it all.

We at Evergreen Home Exteriors encourage homeowners who want to do everything themselves regarding home renovations and remodels. However, our professionals are well-equipped and well-trained for efficient, affordable builds and repairs. We can also educate you on a wide range of renovation topics, so you can learn more about the process before delving into similar projects if the need should ever arise again.

Decks require a lot of hard work and dedication to build correctly. With that in mind, our consultation and inspection processes are thorough. We need to gauge the size of a proposed deck, then gather the information that makes the build more cohesive and comprehensive. For example, what kind of deck do you want? Enclosed or free-standing? How many people would you like to host at any given time? We ask many questions, make suggestions, and give you hope for a successful deck build.

How Long Does Deck Construction Take?

The construction of your home’s deck depends on many factors, such as the kind of wood used and the size of your prospective deck. Typically, your home’s new deck will take one to three weeks for a complete build. Adding other features, such as built-in seats or extra stairs? Those features will tack on a day or two for completion.

Learn more about building a deck by calling Evergreen Home Exteriors in Kitsap County at (253) 320-5383.