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Would a Deck Increase the Value of Your Home in Kirkland?

Would a Deck Increase the Value of Your Home in Kirkland?

Would a Deck Increase the Value of Your Home in Kirkland?

There is value from the moment a home is constructed. That value is based on several factors, such as location, neighborhood, size and square footage, and interior and exterior amenities. Years later, when you may want to sell your Kirkland home, it could be a good idea to add something to bolster the value before you put it up on the market. Evergreen Home Exteriors could help with our team of deck building contractors, ready to build a porch or deck onto your property to increase its selling points.

Even if you aren’t considering selling your home right now, a deck could be a nice add-on for BBQs, get-togethers, and quiet afternoons or evenings outdoors in the summertime. It adds more space for small gardens (in pots all over your deck) or rocking chairs (where you and a loved one can sip lemonade and watch the sunset).

Homes in Kirkland are priced to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many of them fetch higher than those prices because of added amenities, like decks or porches. Families are especially keen on decks because it’s extra space for kids or pets to play when the weather warms up. Or it’s a getaway space for mom and dad when the kiddos or pups have the run of the house.

What Else Can Evergreen Home Exteriors Do for You?

Evergreen Home Exteriors makes a point to be savvy to all homeowners’ renovation and repair needs. Our professionals are well-versed and knowledgeable in all of the following specialties and services:

  • Siding installation and repairs or replacements.
  • Window installations and repairs.
  • Vinyl siding or window replacements after damage.

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