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The Best Types of Shingles for Roofing in the Pacific Northwest

The Best Types of Shingles for Roofing in the Pacific Northwest

heavy rainfall on a roof As a homeowner in the Pacific Northwest, you can expect your house to take about 7 feet of precipitation every year. That means plenty of rain, but also snow, sleet, and hail. The best shingles for homes in the Pacific Northwest are able to withstand the precipitation and deliver high lifetime value in comparison with their cost.

The three most popular and most effective shingle materials for such a rainy climate are asphalt, metal, and slate. While all three materials can do the job, they all offer different advantages and budget considerations when it comes time to renovate your roof.

Compare the three best shingles for the Pacific Northwest with insights here by Evergreen Home Exteriors.

Asphalt Shingles

asphalt shingles on a home in the Pacific Northwest

Widely available and commonly used, asphalt shingles are some of the most cost-effective and popular roofing options. Asphalt shingles can come in a variety of colors and shapes. For example, standard strip shingles are your most basic asphalt shingle. They tend to look very flat and weigh and cost less among other shingle choices. Dimensional shingles add some character by layering shingles so that the material overlaps, emulating traditional wood shingle styling.

When selecting the best shingles for a home in the Pacific Northwest, asphalt shingles are the budget option, but can still look quite lovely. Considering that 80% of roofing projects in the United States use asphalt shingles, they will almost certainly work for your home.

Metal Shingles

metal shingles on a house by the ocean in the pacific northwest

When it comes to durability, metal shingles are top of the line. These shingles can take on two different forms, standing seam and stamped metal. Standing seam roofing uses long slat-like metal strips that lock together, providing a modern and clean look. However, stamped metal shingles provide the durability of metal but with shingles that look like other popular shingle types and shapes, such as asphalt, wood, and slate.

Metal shingles are a good choice, and among the best shingles for the Pacific Northwest. They are growing more common as well. They were initially used chiefly for accents and porches, but are now more commonly used for an entire roof. As a result, metal roofing is a growing percentage of roofing in the United States. Some models predict slate roofing will grow to encompass 4.7% of roofing projects between 2021 and 2026.

Slate Shingles

slate shingles on a house in the pacific northwest

Slate shingles may be the most visually attractive roofing choice between the three materials and also the oldest. Slate roofing is 100% natural stone and more common to Great Britain than the US. Slate roofing is extremely versatile because of the natural properties of the stone. Slate is easily cleaved because of its sedimentary layers. As a result, installers can shape slate to the precise needs of your roofing project. However, slate shingles are the heaviest of the three materials, and are not suited to all roofs.

Slate is among the best shingles for the Pacific Northwest because slate shingles could last anywhere from 50 to 200 years. So they are an excellent long-term investment.

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