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4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas For 2023

4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas For 2023

4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas For 2023

The bathroom is a place where you spend a lot of time, whether it’s getting ready in the morning or winding down at night. Unfortunately, it can become dull and uninspiring after a while. If you’re looking to bring new life to your bathroom, an upgrade might be just what you need. Evergreen Home Exteriors can transform your space into a welcoming, relaxing oasis with a few simple changes. Read on for some of our freshest ideas for bathroom upgrades in Milton for 2023.

1. Natural Materials

Bring the outdoors in with a bathroom upgrade that incorporates natural materials. Wood, stone, and marble are all popular choices for this style, and they can be used in a variety of ways. Consider a wood vanity, a stone sink, or a marble countertop. To complete the look, you can also add natural accents like plants, wood baskets, and stone vessels.

2. Black and White

A classic black-and-white color scheme never goes out of style and is especially popular for bathroom upgrades. Contrast defines this style category, so choose crisp white tiles and fixtures, and pair them with bold, black accents. For a chic and timeless update, you could go for a black vanity, hardware, or even a black freestanding tub. 

3. Bohemian 

If you’re a free spirit, you’ll love the bohemian trend for bathroom upgrades. You can achieve this style by mixing and matching patterns, textures, and colors in a laid-back, eclectic way. Colorful tiles, patterned wallpaper, and mismatched fixtures are all Bohemian elements. You can even add global accents like Moroccan lanterns and Turkish towels to complete the look.

4. Mid-Century Modern

If you’re a fan of vintage design, we recommend a Mid-Century modern approach to your bathroom upgrade. This style is about clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold pops of color. Think sleek, white tiles, round mirrors, and colorful accents like orange or yellow. This look is perfect for small spaces, as it keeps the focus on bold design elements.

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