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How Do You Know: When Should I Replace My Roof?

How Do You Know: When Should I Replace My Roof?

man measuring to replace roof Answering the question: “when should I replace my roof?” may seem like a daunting feat. From tracking warranties, climbing into attics, and looking for rot, knowing your home’s roof lifetime expectancy seems like a challenge. We know it’s easy to forget about the literal roof over your head in your home until something wrong pops up.

But there are a few simple tips and tricks you can use every day to monitor your roof’s condition and give it the care it needs. Whether you notice a slight drip, a saggy spot, or some unwanted greenery growing, you can easily know the answer to, “When should I replace my roof?” and keep your home in beautiful condition.


Should I Replace My Roof - Know the Signs

Know What You’re Working With

There are many different types of roofs out there. Copper, slate, tile, wood shake, cement, and asphalt/shingle are among the most popular. When you’re wondering when I should replace my roof, you should know your roof’s lifetime expectancy. Copper, slate, and tile last roughly fifty years. Wood shakes last roughly 20 years. Cement last 25, and asphalt/shingle combination roofs last 20.

Start Inside The Home

Now that you know what your roof is composed of, it’s time to start digging. Go up into your attic or crawl space with a flashlight in hand to search for any beams of light peeking through. It’s best to do this on a sunny day, so you can easily see any weak spots. You should also check for water stains or streaks.

Look Through the Paperwork

Most homes come with receipt of work that’s been done. Review your home project records to check for any work that’s been done on your roof like reshingling or updating asphalt. Having a paper trail is also helpful to track your roof’s lifetime expectancy. Remember to know what type of roof you have and cross-check with your paperwork to see if the answer is yes to your question of when should I replace my roof.

Take a Look at Your Shingles

Shingles are easy to repair, but when they start falling off, cracking, and bending, you may want to take a closer look. Wind damage, water damage, and sun damage all play a role in impacting your roof’s lifetime expectancy. If your shingles are falling off, curling, or are missing granules, you’ll need to replace those shingles and maybe even your roof, if it’s old enough.

Check For Rot

This is probably the worst fix to have when you’re asking, “When should I replace my roof?” Rot can take a roof out very quickly, so it’s important to catch it early before it impacts your indoor spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. Check for wet wood, dips in your roof, and plants growing on or around your roof to combat this silent killer.

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