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Five Qualities of Top Home Improvement Companies

Five Qualities of Top Home Improvement Companies

Home improvement is a significant investment which—if handled properly—can improve both the value and the appeal of your home. However, if the job is done poorly, it can lead to years’ worth of headaches, exorbitant repair costs, and even lawsuits. You can spare yourself a world of frustration by ensuring that you work with reputable, reliable home improvement companies capable of completing the job to perfection.

1. Work Quality & Oversight

When you’re dealing with the best home renovation companies, the results speak for themselves. You can look at their past work and confirm that they’re capable of premium home improvements.

The first thing to consider is their level of experience and years in business. For example, Evergreen Home Exteriors & Remodeling hires master-level craftsmen who have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and a minimum of 5 years of home improvement leadership experience. That’s the kind of expertise you want when scouting home improvement companies.

Ask questions, read third-party reviews, and inquire about case studies and past jobs. The more you learn, the more confidently you can proceed.

2. Transparency & Communication

The best home improvement companies treat you as a partner and keep you in the loop throughout every phase of the project. You should have easy access to the project manager at all times, and they should be able to clearly articulate the status of the job at a moment’s notice.

If your home improvement team is slow to respond to calls and emails, if they’re not upfront about challenges or delays, or if they have long gaps in communication, these are serious red flags.

3. Material Selection

Some contractors will use cheap materials to cut costs, but these materials tend to degrade much sooner and never offer the level of stability that you need. The top home renovation companies are diligent about using premium-grade materials.

For example: if you’re having an extension built on your home, a cheap contractor might use 1/2-inch drywall sheets instead of the much stronger 5/8-inch sheets. While the difference might not be noticeable at first, it will become painfully apparent when the ceiling starts to sag or the wall takes some unexpected damage.

4. Trustworthy Estimates

While a home improvement company may not get your estimate exactly to the dollar, they should at least be in the ballpark. An experienced company will account for every factor that can influence the cost of a job, from the materials to the hours and the challenges that can potentially lead to delays.

Less reputable home improvement companies might give you a lowball estimate in the hopes of enticing you to sign on—knowing that the actual costs will be higher. A reputable company will give you an honest estimate every time.

5. Financing

If a company is hesitant to offer financing, it could mean a number of things. They might not be established or financially stable enough to manage financing, or they might be looking to collect the money upfront because they’re not officially licensed. At any rate, it’s potentially problematic for the buyer.

You want to work with a company that offers flexible and convenient financing. Not only does it ensure an easier transaction for you the buyer, but it’s an added vote of confidence that you’re working with an established, trusted business.

Go With the Home Improvement Experts

If you’re looking for a home improvement company that offers all of these qualities, we invite you to contact Evergreen Home Exteriors. We offer financing for 100% of our projects, we’re experienced and transparent, and we only use premium-grade materials.

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