Bathroom Contractor in Portland, OR

When it’s time to upgrade your bathroom, tile, tub, shower, toilet, or vanity, you’ll need a great home renovation contractor. Your top local bathroom remodeling contractor in Portland, Oregon is Evergreen Home Exteriors.

Working With Evergreen

Evergreen provides bathroom remodels in Portland, Oregon, with beautiful quality workmanship. We also provide remodels and renovation, projects including kitchens, decks, and windows.

Evergreen only hires the most talented and experienced contractors. Our contractors have a decade of work experience, and our leads on projects have five years of operational, on-the-job leadership experience. This standard applies to our support staff, who understand contracting and can help guide you through the process at any stage.

We serve the greater area of Portland, Oregon, and all of Western Washington State. See our service area.

white marble bathroom remodeled by contractors in portland oregon

What We Can Do For You

Our bathroom contractors are ready to go in the Portland area. Our team is professional with years of experience and can also help finance your project. Financing can cover up to 100% of the costs of your bathroom remodel.

We source high-quality materials and fixtures for their durability and attractive look. We care about how your bathroom looks and invest in the longevity of our work.

Benefits of Working with Evergreen

  • 24/7 contact with your Evergreen team lead
  • Find daily project updates with photos on BuilderTrend, our project tracker
  • Convenient scheduling and a tidy footprint
  • As much as 100% financing on remodeling and renovations

Contact Us Today

Ready to work with bathroom contractors local to the Portland, Oregon, area? To get started with a bathroom remodel, you can take advantage of a free estimate on our website. Call (253) 888-2607 to schedule your free quote and on-site consultation.