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Jon Jordan

I have grown this business from the ground up including our more recent expansion to the Tacoma and Bellevue areas. Our growth and continued success are the result of hard work and relentless dedication to providing the highest quality products and services. My commitment to our customers has continued to grow as we have grown and so I insist in remaining hands-on in all that we do by personally overseeing operations for all locations, guiding our sales teams, our installation teams, and vendor relationships in order to ensure customer satisfaction each and every time!


Melissa Mong
Office Manager

I have many years of experience in leading teams working in customer service driven industries in both the public and private sectors. I know the importance of creating an office that runs like a well-oiled machine. It is often the work that happens in the office that determines the success of our sales teams and installers in the field. From the point when we first connect to a client over the phone, they become our number one priority and they continue to hold that status until the service is complete and they are happy!

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