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Power Your Home with Reliable, Modern Electrical Solutions

Enhance your home’s safety, efficiency, and convenience with our expert electrical services. From upgrading your electrical panel to installing state-of-the-art EV chargers, we’re here to ensure your home is equipped for the future.


With decades of years of experience, and licensed electricians, we offer customized electrical solutions for homes throughout western Washington. From small homes to large residences, there’s no electrical project too big or small for our experts.


Evergreen Home Services stands by the promise of delivering first-class electrical installations that value client contentment. Our diligent team is committed to superior service, making sure each project adheres to the utmost quality benchmarks. You can place your faith in our hands for all your solar needs.

Phase 01 No-Obligation Consultation

The first step we take is to provide you with a free home electrical evaluation for the solution you’re asking for. We will ensure that our solutions are the best fit for you. This is also the point where we may show you just how much you will be saving based on the recommendations from the energy audit results. Let Evergreen provide you with a smart way forward with energy-efficient electrical products and services for your home.

Phase 02 Permits and licensing

Our specialists evaluate your electrical system’s condition, load capacity, and overall compatibility with our proposed upgrades. We’ll identify any potential issues or outdated components too. Post-assessment, we’ll take care of obtaining all necessary permits to ensure compliance with local regulations. Additionally, we will create detailed electrical wiring maps to guide the installation process and ensure accuracy if needed. This thorough preparation ensures a smooth and efficient upgrade process, tailored to your home’s specific needs.

Phase 03 Expert Installation

Our skilled crew will proficiently install the recommended electrical upgrades and ensure they are fully integrated with your home’s existing electrical system. After a thorough inspection and approval, you’re set to enjoy a safer, more efficient electrical system, leading to both monetary and practical benefits. Welcome aboard the journey to a better-powered home!