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Financing for Bathroom Renovations


You can find a significant part of your home’s value in its bathrooms. Renovating or adding a bathroom can improve home value by as much as 50% more than the cost of your renovation. A bathroom remodel is also a chance to use quality materials and design that will mean a nicer experience for your family and guests, as well as hold its value for decades.

A quality bathroom can be expensive, but Evergreen can help with a quality installation and provide financing for your bathroom remodel covering 100% of the costs.

How it Works

Evergreen makes financing for bathroom remodels easy. You’ll start by scheduling a free consultation and quote. One of our experienced estimators will come to your property to take measurements, walk you through the project, answer your questions, and provide you with a cost quote that is guaranteed for sixty days.

Once your bathroom renovation begins, we make sure you are informed about what is going at every step of the renovation. We offer 24/7 messaging with our courteous staff about the status of your project. We also have daily logs of work done with BuilderTrend, an app designed to keep you in the loop. You can also find all the paperwork, including documents on financing your bathroom renovation hosted on our tool called One-Click Contractor.

Why Install and Financing your Bathroom Remodel With Evergreen

Our commitment to quality and experience is second to none. We help you build the bathroom you have always wanted, and update many other areas of your home too. That means you can get financing for your roofing, siding, kitchen, and decking.

We’re exceptionally confident in our staff because we hire for experience. Our lead installers have at least ten years of experience in the field. We also require that they have at least five years of leadership experience as well. This ensures the quality and professionalism of their work.

Even our service staff has practical experience in construction, meaning that we’ll be able to answer your questions about your remodel at all stages of the renovation process.

Finance a Bathroom Renovation with Evergreen

Ready for a bathroom update? It’s easy to start; just fill out our contact form, we’ll be in touch to schedule you for a free on-site estimate. You can also call or text (253) 320-5383 for your free quote.