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As one of the top window installation companies in Washington State, you can count on Evergreen Home Exteriors for home windows you’ll be happy with. Expect tasteful modern design, durable materials, fair pricing, and excellent service. Our window contractors will work with you to improve your home’s curb appeal and save money on your power bill at the same time. Choose from a large variety of window styles for designs that will best complement your home. Whether you need large bay windows for a new home with a scenic view of the ocean or replacement window contractors for help giving your home a unique aesthetic, you’ll find what you need at Evergreen. We understand what it means to make a house a home in Washington state, which is why we work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your windows are installed exactly the way you envisioned them.


As home window contractors in Washington State, we see the difference that quality materials and installation make every day. Our windows materials and designs are carefully selected to hold up to the weather, save you money, and keep looking great year after year.

Weather Resistance

Living in the Pacific Northwest means about 152 days of rain every year. The more weather-resistant your windows are, the better they will protect against constant rainfall and cold weather.

Low-quality windows sacrifice strength for price. As professional replacement window contractors, we understand the problems a poorly built and installed window can bring. We see them first hand every day. Wooden window frames, for example, tend to collect rainwater over time and are more susceptible to mold and mildew. That can potentially expose your family to health hazards. High-quality windows will also reduce the noise from outside, and securely lock to protect from burglars.

The window contractors at Evergreen can help you choose windows built witha strong focus on weather resistance to prevent moisture build-up, saving you money and energy in the future, all while protecting your family from unpredictable weather conditions.

Increased Home Value

The curb appeal of your Washington home will improve based on how well your windows complement the rest of your home. As homeowners, we all want windows that are both cosmetically appealing and durable.

Choosing windows for anew home with these qualities will help it better hold its value. And if your home’s exterior is looking shabby, our replacement window contractors can help you get it back in the best condition to show or to sell.

Energy Efficiency

Windows need to be insulated to keep the warm air in and cool air out, and vice versa.

Evergreen window replacement contractors will help you select well-insulated, energy-efficient windows to make your home’s heating and cooling more efficient to keep it at a comfortable temperature and save you money.


Here are a few common cases where you may want to call a professional window replacement contractor. You’re always welcome to call our professional window contractors in Washington state for a free in-home inspection.

Energy Inefficiency

If your windows were not installed well or were poorly insulated to begin with, they could be costing you money and making it harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Air leaks from your windows increase your power bill, so if you notice an increase in costs, it may be time to call Evergreen for a free inspection. Our window replacement contractors may be able to save you money in the long run.

Home Security

About 25% of burglaries involve entry through a window, many of which are poorly secured due to old age or poor installation.

Aging windows tend to become less secure over time. Your windows may eventually fail to lock which can pose a huge security risk and make forced entry much easier. Burglars often look for vulnerable windows that look worn and outdated so it’s important to always be sure to have windows that are secure.

Water Damage

If your window is leaking, it’s important to find the cause immediately. If left unchecked for too long, it can rot your window frame or cause mold growth inside your home.

Whether you need a new window or not will depend on the extent of the damage and how long your window has been exposed to the water pooling around your windows.

Cracked Window Frames

Cracks in your window frame can progressively damage your windows over time if left untreated. If you decide to wait too long to get the cracks fixed, air, water, and even insects can enter your home. Evergreen window contractors can help you assess the damage.

Weather-resistant Vinyl windows are built to protect and preserve in regions with wet weather conditions such as the Pacific Northwest.

Old Windows

The average lifespan of residential windows is between 15-20 years when properly installed. Selecting quality windows for a new home can help you get the greatest longevity out of them.

If you have any of the problems listed or just questions, give us a quick call and our professionals will answer any question you may have about your home windows in Washington state.


We are partnered with Simonton® Windows and Doors, a highly rated windows manufacturer based in the United States, to provide the best possible window materials money can buy. Simonton has provided homeowners across the U.S. with premium energy-efficient windows, customized just for their home. As an award-winning windows company, Simonton® has a wide variety of windows for homeowners to choose from and we help make the process easy. Whether you’d like our.

  • UV Ray Protection
  • Double lifetime warranty
  • Rebate programs
  • Uniquely designed for regional weather
  • Energy Star Certified
  • A wide selection of window options based on color and style
  • Installation by in-house licensed contractors



The first step our window replacement contractors take is to determine the size of your current windows and ensure your new windows are prepped to replace them. Exact measurements help to ensure maximum energy efficiency and longevity.


Our next step is to remove the sash from your windows in order to help make the process smooth and easy.


The next thing we do is expose the nailing fin (flange) by removing any siding and window trim. The nailing fin is a thin piece of metal that extends all the way around the window itself.


Now that the nailing fin is exposed, our window contractors will unscrew any screws or remove any nails that are keeping the window attached to the side of your home. Once the window is loose, our team will carefully remove and dispose of the old window.


We carefully clean all debris like screws or nails from the old windows and then measure again to get the exact measurement of the new window. Once everything is leveled out and planned accordingly, our new window installation process can begin.


If you’re getting windows for a new home, the work starts here. Our team of trusted contractors will place each window based on the measurements and begin screwing in the nailing fin.


Vycor is then placed around the interior and exterior perimeter of the window over the nailing fin (flange). Vycor is an industry-leading weatherproof solution used to help better protect your home from the wet weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest.


The next step is to add the trim to the new windows. Our window contractors cut and place it around the Vycor with a head flashing piece to prevent water from entering the joints. Then it’s fastened with corrosion-proof nails or a hidden fastener system.


Asealant is then added to the window frame and trim. Small adjustments are made if necessary. Our team will then clean up the worksite before final inspections.


Our home window installation experts will thoroughly check every aspect of your newly installed windows and double-check the area for any debris to ensure we leave the exterior of your home looking better than when we first arrived on site.



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Quality window installation improves the value of your property, helps you to save money, and complements the look of your home year after year. Whether you’re looking for windows for a new home or a replacement window contractor to treat your property with great care, it all starts with a call to Evergreen Home Exteriors. See our service areas around Washington State and schedule your free estimate at (253) 320-5383.


How Long Will My New Windows Last?

A new window may last you as little as a couple of months or for many years to come. As you can probably guess, the main reason why is due to the quality of the windows and how well they are installed. The windows we install are built to last, plain and simple. Great vinyl windows have held strong for homeowners for 30+ years when they are properly maintained. Cheap, low quality windows can often become more expensive because you will be forced to replace them more frequently, sometimes paying many times over your lifetime.

Can I Replace My Wooden Window Frames?

If your old wooden window frames are rotting away, we can easily replace them with new vinyl windows. Our team of window specialists are trained to replace just about any kind of window you can think of, including any windows that may have caused damage to your home.

What Are My Top Reasons To Replace Windows?

The 4 top reasons are as follows:

  • Save money on your home energy bills.
  • Increase curbside appeal to your home.
  • Rotting Windows
  • Windows are beginning to become worn out and the integrity begins to lose strength.
What Is An Energy Star Certification?

The Energy Star Certification is a process of testing and verifying the energy efficiency of home products which include the energy efficiency and durability of windows. The higher-performing windows are then given the energy star label which is backed and certified by the U.S. government. Energy Star windows generally have a strong layer built to protect you and your furniture from UV rays.

How Long Will It Take To Install A New Window?

Once your old window is removed, it usually takes only a few hours to install the new window and clean up any debris from the removal process. It varies based on the size of the window being replaced and how much damage to your home from the previous window we need to repair.

Do You Subcontract Your Work?

No! We do all of our work in-house and our trusted professionals at Evergreen Home Exteriors will take extra care of your home window installation.